Bandırma Chamber of Commerce commenced its activities on September 17, 1940 was founded upon the proposal of Ministry of Commerce with the decree dated July 30, 1940 and numbered 2/14081. It is the 23rd stock market of our country as per date of establishment. Bandırma Chamber of Commerce operated in a small rented building from 1940 to 1952, then a land was bought in the city centre and also at the centre of the market and construction was commenced, and on August 12, 1954 this construction was arranged so as the salesroom being on lower floor, service offices being on the floor over it, and officer lodgings being on the two top floors. Today, this place is referred as the Former Stock Exchange Building and it was re-arranged in 2003 and leased.

Today, there are 94 storehouses belonging to our members, 11 storehouses in various sizes with a surface area of 6,677 m2 belonging to our Stock Exchange, 2 electronic weighbridges of 80 tones, a cereal analyse laboratory, a modern conference hall of 350 persons, at which meetings intended for training held by our members and producers, and 18 offices used by our members within the site of our Stock Exchange.

Our Stock Exchange carries out the function of salesroom exactly since the first day of establishment. Our Stock Exchange not only serves to Bandırma and to the villages around it, and it is also the place, at which many producers in our region desire to sell their products. The prices formed in our salesroom play an effective role in our region’s cereal market, and the sellers and the buyers follow our Stock Exchange’s prices closely. The Daily prices, which are formed at our Stock Exchange, are announced on the billboard, on the website, and on the visual and print media. Our modernization studies are continued day by day as the sole Stock Exchange having such a functional salesroom in South Marmara Region. In harvest period, Turkish Grain Board also carries out wheat purchasing activities through the salesroom of our Stock Exchange. One of the reasons why our salesroom is so active is the trust of our members and producers against us. All registration procedures are carried out at our Stock Exchange based on confidentiality.

Further, our Stock Exchange applied to the Ministry of Customs and Commerce in 2012, requesting authority to be authorized classifier and to carry out product bills and short sale contracts, after completing the required infrastructure. Following the audits, it has been granted the authorised classifier licence, and authorized nation-wide for trading of the product bills.

Various activities, panels, seminars, and training meetings are held every year in our conference hall and our other halls, in order to have our members and producers follow the agenda, developments in the laws and regulations and to raise their awareness. Experts convey their knowledge to our producers on particularly the good agricultural practises and cropping high quality and yielding products, at the meetings which our region’s producers pay great interest.