Quality Policy


To ensure that the works are performed on time and with desired conditions without compromising quality, to achieve high level customer satisfaction through the continuous training of the personnel, to maintain our dynamic and objective structure with the our updated quality targets, and to improve our quality management system, within the framework of the legal regulations in our field of activity, is our basic policy. Bandırma Chamber of Commerce undertakes to provide financial, technologic, and human resources required for the quality service delivery, comply with the requirements of the quality management system standard, and improve the efficiency continuously.


In line with our studies within the scope of the legal legislation specified in Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Law numbered, and the policies and objectives in our strategic plan; our Stock Exchange regulates the structure and operation of the financial management, preparation and implementation of capital budgets, accounting, reporting, and financial control of all financial transactions, in order to ensure that the resources are obtained and used in an effective, economic, and efficient manner, accountability, and financial transparency.


It is aimed to systematically conduct a management approach that is fair, objective, non-compromising against favour, which it is adopted that each employee is a separate value, with the responsibility perspective arising from being in a pioneer and leader position, in order to generate an effective workforce structure which shall cause our Organization achieve its objectives and to ensure the continuous improvement of this workforce.


Our policy is to follow a member-satisfaction oriented approach, which our Stock Exchange’s members can easily convey their comments, recommendations, requests, and dissatisfaction, and these are handled objectively, fairly, carefully, and with confidentiality, and assessed in a manner in compliance with the legal terms and our corporate principles; improvements and checks required to ensure that the same dissatisfaction does not occur again, are carried out continuously, the relations with the members are based on transparency, resolution of all members dissatisfactions is adopted as the main principle.


It is aimed to ensure the business continuity by protecting the safety of administrative, financial, and depositors’ data being shared in our Stock Exchange’s information systems, and minimize the legal risks which may arise from security breach, to secure commercial lives of our members, and to protect our Stock Exchange’s reputation.


It is aimed to establish a proper, progressive process, which shall allow us to announce our activities, projects, and comments, etc. to our internal and external stakeholders in a clear and understandable manner via one or more of the media organizations, printed publications, journals, booklets, our website, social networking sites, and SMS, and to shape them.


Effective and easy service delivery
equal and fair approach to all stakeholders
Quality awareness and quality sensitivity
social responsibility
work ethics
leadership and pioneering
transparency, flexibility
Compliance with schedules and processes
Quality and Continuous Improvement
High Performance
Integrity, Honesty, and Ethical Approach
Esteeming Personnel
Team Work and Solidarity