We Need to Process the Big Data for Development!

Our nation and our national institutions prevented a miserable attack, which have intended our democracy on the night of July 15. Our people protected the republic and democracy. The attacks of the raving coup plotters and the traitorous attempt failed due to Turkish nation’s collective stance, determined attitude, and will to protect democracy. Turkish nation had many epics, which have been a model to the World nations, with the homeland love, written in the history of World with golden letters, as in Canakkale, Sakarya, Dumlupınar, and Kocatepe. As Ataturk stated for Turkish nation, “If the homeland is in question, then remaining is detail”, we exist as long as our state and country exist. If democracy exists, then we all exist. May God not inflict such suffering to our country and nation.  I wish God’s mercy to those martyred for our Holy Homeland, and patience to those who remained behind.

Turkey is becoming one of the most important centres of world trade with its developing economy. Global-scale enterprises evaluating Turkey with priority when taking investment decisions, and the investors have many advantages thanks to the factors such as the geographical location, natural resources, and qualified manpower of Turkey. Our Bandırma also becomes prominent in order to be the host sustainable investments with its qualified manpower, multi-alternative road-air-marine transportation, rich underground and surface resources, closeness to the industrial centres and metropolises. It receives the attention of the investors with its developing road, rail, marine, and air transportation, as well as with being located on the frequently used transportation networks, and closeness to the big industrial centres. It has been the first choice of the leading food enterprises of Turkey. Many of the agricultural products needed by agriculture-based industries are grown on the fruitful and vast lands of Bandırma and nearby. This provides an important advantage for the food industry investments be concentrated in Bandırma. We shall tell those we listed above in relation with our country and city continuously. Because Bandırma provides important advantages to the investors. Particularly, in terms of energy supply and logistics. However, world passed to another dimension, and progressing on that way. Whereas, “big data for development”, we live in a world which everything is connected to everything, even if not in a virtual world completely. Digital data, which is produced worldwide, is being doubled in every two years. According to June 2016 data of TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute), the mobile phone subscription in our country is 73 million and 650 thousand. Aside from the rich world of the social media, internet technologies are entering more into our daily lives day by day. Each digital transaction we make on every kinds of digital media, whether connected to Internet or not, leaves a data record behind us. The form of this massive data, which is transformed into a meaningful and processable form, is called “big data”. The Big Data is not only within the area of interest of social networks, but also corporate companies are making efforts to market he data analysis become the basic function of their companies. Using the Big Data intended for development. TUIK determines the employment data at regional level, with the monthly person-to-person questionnaires. In fact, it may be possible to monitor the employment at county level daily with the analysis of big data. We have to review where and how we will start work, and the business style and methods, in order to manage the future. It is time to work together, not to distribute the Powers, in order to reach to the industry 4.0 (four zero) stage, which was emerged in 2012, Hannover Industry Fair. If we want to be positioned in the modern world, without missing one more opportunity, by reaching the Industry 4.0 (four zero) stage; then it is necessary to determine policies, objectives, and strategies, which shall treat software language, operating systems, competitive product discoveries, designing skills, production and purchasing strategies, scale, technology and management perspective, market development, and securing sustainable production as a whole.




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